Industrial Insulation Group was formed in 2002 when The Calsilite Group and Johns Manville Corp. merged the manufacturing capabilities for several high-profile and widely used product lines that serve North American and global industrial insulation markets. The most recognizable brands from this collaborative effort are Thermo-12® Gold Calcium Silicate, Sproule WR-1200® Perlite and Super Firetemp® Fireproofing, all used in elevated-temperature processes and fireproofing in the refining, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, and metals manufacturing industries.

Industrial Insulation Group expanded our product offering in 2003 by acquiring mineral wool manufacturing and the MinWool-1200® product line. This addition also brought the company further into mineral wool applications for sound and fire protection featuring MinWool Sound Attenuation Fire Batts (SAFB), Safing, and Curtainwall insulations.

Continued growth led to the acquisition of Mineral Products of Texas (MPT) in late 2006. The MinWool-1200 family of Preformed, Precision Cut and Field Formed pipe insulations complements Industrial Insulation Group’s overall portfolio of products. Additionally, this Houston-based facility brings capabilities that include mineral wool metal mesh blankets, pipe and tank wrap, and mineral wool fittings.

As a result of this ongoing strategy, Industrial Insulation Group now operates from five manufacturing plants located in Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado, Alabama and Texas. Together, these plants provide customers with quality, proven insulation products that are upgraded and enhanced through contemporary technology.

At Industrial Insulation Group, we are committed to safety. This pervades our organization and extends to our clients, our colleagues and our industry. We are dedicated to empowering your personnel to make safe choices, strengthen the safety of your processes, and help protect our planet. Proper material selection greatly improves energy efficiency and reduces the industrial sector’s world-wide carbon footprint.

We understand that designing insulation systems is complex and requires a detailed understanding of the intricacies of industrial insulation systems. To help facilitate the design process, encourage discussion and educate our customers, we regularly create and present educational modules, technical bulletins and product updates regarding design parameters and solutions.


Industrial Insulation Group has a number of production and maintenance positions available at all of our manufacturing locations. If you are interested in applying for any of the positions within our plants please download the Industrial Insulation Group Employment Application, and submit a completed application via email: Karen.Bishop@jm.com, or by fax: (281) 605-4710.

If you are interested in applying for a professional position at Industrial Insulation Group, please visit the Employment Page to see a listing of the current professional positions available.


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