4 Different Types of Industrial Insulation That You Should Know

Do you want to inform yourself about the different types of industrial insulation? If your answer is a yes, then you have to know that it would be great for you to read the list given below as it contains the ideas on what these different types are. Have time to look at it and read on.

Here is the list of the different types of industrial insulation which you must be informed.

Fiberglass Pipe Type

The first type of industrial insulation on this list is the fiberglass pipe. It is commonly a casted, heavy mass single piece of insulation that is made up of inorganic fibers of glass. Basically, it is created in length of three foot long which can still vary through customization. Fiberglass pipes are usually used on the piping systems of institutional and commercial buildings, in the process, power, and even industrial applications. Systems should only range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1000 degrees for a fiberglass pipe to be used.

Fiberglass Blanket and Board

Another type is the fiberglass blanket and board which is also made up of inorganic fibers of glass. This type can come without or with ASJ or FSK jacketing. It also has different options for thickness, lengths, and densities. It is also used in systems that have a temperature range of 0 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1000 degrees, similar to the first type of industrial insulation. Fiberglass blanket and board are available to use for air conditioning and heating duct, roof and wall panel system, installations of stack and boiler, process and power equipment, piping, valves, and tanks.

Rock Wool Pipes

One more is the rock wool pipes, also called mineral wool pipes which are another type of industrial insulation. It is pipe coverings that are precisely cut and consisted of mineral wool in high density. This type is commonly used in many different applications of cold and hot piping which ranges from 120 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1200 degrees. Rock wool pipes are used in industrial processes that have high temperatures such as power stations, power plants, and petrochemical complexes. It can also be utilized for both cold or hot water system and process and steam pipework.

Rock Wool Blankets

Lastly is the rock wool blankets or also called as mineral wool blankets which are a type of industrial insulation that is used in large pipings, flanged fittings, parallel pipes, and breechings. Basically, rock wool blankets are stretchy and flexible so that it can be wrapped around the pipes, vessels, and tanks easily. In addition to that, it also usually comes with jackets or facings and available in different thickness and lengths.

To conclude, you now have the idea of what are the different types of industrial insulation. With this, you can now also choose which of these types is the right insulation to use for your industrial application. If you want to know these different types better, you can search the information on the internet.