In listening to our customer base, we have decided to simplify our fuel surcharge policy and align it with the current policy that Johns Manville has in place.


The fuel surcharge policy will be according to the guidelines that follow. This policy will apply to all customers for whom IIG pays freight charges and will cover all IIG products. 

IIG will add the applicable fuel surcharge on product invoices according to the schedule below. The surcharge will be based upon the average weekly US Number 2 Diesel Retail Price published by the Energy Information Administration and can be accessed online at When the quarterly average price per gallon exceeds $3.25, the fuel surcharge applied will be according to the schedule below:


Average #2 Diesel Retail
Price For Prior Quarter

Flat Rate Fuel Surcharge per Invoice
Pro-Rated for Split Shipments

Price per Gallon (USD$)

Full TL

Each 1/4

Each 1/3

Each ½

$3.26 to $3.75





$3.76 to $4.25





$4.26 to $4.75





$4.76 to $5.25






The schedule above is based on the trailing quarterly average for #2 diesel fuel.  The average price at the end of Q3 was $3.88 per gallon.


If you have any questions about the implementation of this increase, please contact your Account Manager.  Thank you for your ongoing support of JM products.




No Fuel Surcharges.