Dear Valued Industrial Insulation Group Customer,


In light of declining fuel prices, we received a number of legitimate questions regarding the fuel surcharge. To date, this surcharge has been based solely on the price of diesel fuel.  Unfortunately, despite the decline in diesel pricing, we experienced a spike in overall transportation costs in 2014.


The shift upward in cost is driven by regulatory changes and economic growth that is causing a surge in demand for carriers and drivers. As a result, expenses related to insurance, equipment, labor and maintenance are going up. We expect this trend to continue, offsetting forecasted declines in diesel prices. 


We implemented the fuel surcharge in 2008 to help mitigate the rapidly rising prices of diesel. Although we recently re-published our prior fuel surcharge rates, the current climate makes it necessary for us to consider factors beyond the price of diesel fuel when determining the surcharge amount. 


Therefore, as we move into 2015, we will maintain the current surcharge of $180 per truck until further notice. We will continue to monitor transportation costs and work diligently to find efficiencies wherever possible. These steps will help us provide you with the best service possible at the lowest cost. 


We greatly appreciate your continued support and partnership with Johns Manville.




Fred Stephan


Industrial Insulation Group, LLC 



No Fuel Surcharges.