Bathrooms may be more important to people than they realize. It’s the space you go to relax after a long day at work to sink in your long, luxurious bath. It’s a personal space of grooming and skin-care. It’s a safe haven for make-up enthusiasts and readers alike. After an excruciating day, it’s a space to lay back in the tub and read a good book with a glass of your favorite drink. So when you think of remodeling such an important space in your house, there are some questions you should ask yourself before looking for bathroom suppliers geelong.

Why do you want to remodel?

Before starting the process, you should ask yourself why you’re remodeling. Is your bathroom outdated? Is there a leak and you need to call the plumber? Is there a wiring issue that an electrician needs to fix? Do you need to add fixtures like a Jacuzzi or a new shower? Do you have insufficient towel rods and hooks? Do you need new flooring? Or are you just doing it to make it look nicer than it is right now? Once you have the answer to what your motivation behind the remodel is, you would be able to prioritize and develop a budget for the process. It always helps to be clear about the project before you start doing it!

How much time do you spend in your bathroom?


This question needs to be asked in order for you to determine how much vanity and investment will go into your bathroom space. If you’re someone who just uses the bathroom for a quick shower and the toilet, then maybe remodeling your bathroom for aesthetic value is not suitable for you. But if you’re someone who actually spends time in the bathroom and has time to enjoy the luxurious and finer things, then by all means – go crazy!

What can you do yourself?

The key with a bathroom remodel is to not underestimate your abilities. You may think that this is something that you need to hire a professional for but we bet that there are a number of things you can do yourself. Think about whether you can give your bathroom a new paint job, or install new shelves for storage over the sink. You can always install new hangers with the most basic tools and with a little more research, replace your floor tiles yourself! Add a few things for décor – such as plants, candles, soaps etc. You can always hire professionals for plumbing and electrical issues but why not save the big bucks where you can and make your bathroom space feel like your own?