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Construction workers and architect wearing reflective clothing reviewing blueprint at construction site.

Are you deciding to live in a newly built house instead of buying and renting? If yes is the answer, then we are happy to inform you that we are the people you can depend and rely on this matter. We are known as the best home builders in town so you can expect that doing business with us will be perfect.

We are capable of building your house in the way you want it to be since that we always prioritize our clients’ needs and requirements. We are the professionals who are happy to build your dream house.


Before we selected IIG LLC as our builder we saw the quality that went into this consecutive and multiple Parade of Homes winner. After we selected IIG LLC we realized Cody was also honest, hardworking, helpful, and truly a nice man. The added bonus was his wife Molly, a fantastic Interior Designer, helping us in the selection and putting together all the pieces. Between the two of them and their professional crew we had little stress and all timetables were met or exceeded. We were not only on budget but below budget.

Peter Perez Officer @ AT Constructions

We were so happy with the building process. The selection of materials, colors, lighting etc. was so organized and made the process go so smooth. The extra care and time taken by the employees and sub-contractors was impressive as they worked to make each deadline.

Helen Lewis Manager @ Helen Builders

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how thankful we are for choosing IIG LLC as our builders. We made our decision after talking with you the very first time. You both earned our greatest respect from the onset, and then as a bonus, we made wonderful friends along the way. We received so much more than just a house in this process. You followed our thoughts and understood our ideas perfectly. There was never a day that we did not talk, and you were always a step ahead of us.

Gary Evans Engineer @ Gary & Sons

We are so happy with how our house turned out – it is EXACTLY what we were hoping for and more. We listen to friends talk about what a challenge building their homes were. We had just the opposite experience. We were almost sad to be done. Even though we know you had other projects going on, we always felt like we were your most important priority. We can’t say enough about the job you do.

Julia Cooper Cofounder @ Cooper Companies

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Tree Removal

Where We Are

The Sutherland Shire (known colloquially as the Shire) is located in the southern region of Sydney. Intended to be the first British settlement, it has Aboriginal roots with the Dharawal people dating back at least 8,500 years. Though modernised now and part of the greater Sydney metropolitan area, the Sutherland Shire might be most well-known for being host to the Royal National Park, the second oldest national park in the world. The Shire has a lot of trees both on public and private lands. With that many trees, the Shire has an efficient system for tree removal.

Private Lands

The Shire defines trees into two categories: protected and unprotected. Protected trees are mainly the older trees (100mm or more in diameter at least 500 mm above the ground). This category includes mangroves and bush vegetation as well as any trees growing closer than 4m to a water source. The Shire Council requires an application for council approval for tree removal barring a few specific exceptions. For pruning the Shire Council requires an application unless the owner of the property plans on pruning less than 10% of the canopy on the property. The Shire’s local government prioritises preserving the vegetation and canopy cover for the future. There is an extensive list of trees that fall outside the bounds of an application that can be removed without any permissions including most cypress species, the Box Elder, and the Canary Islands Date Palm.

Public Lands

The Shire Council has strict guidelines for tree removal and pruning on public lands. The Council is self-policing in that they have set the guidelines for tree removal that they are required to abide by. The Council removes trees for safety reasons: contact with structures, damaged branches, or are hazardous. They do allow pruning to form the trees.

A Community Dedicated to Nature Preservation

The Sutherland Shire Council has polled hundreds of residents in public surveys and has found that Sutherland Shire residents are very connected to the natural environment. Sutherland Shire has an array of native vegetation made up of bushland, waterways, and a tree canopy. Being as there are two national parks and one state park within its borders the Sutherland Shire has a large variety of green spaces, and as the Royal National Park is situated in between roughly one-third to one-half of the region, the Shire is known for its natural beauty. The Sutherland Shire Council’s policies reflect a dedication to protect their green spaces continually and to encourage vegetation corridors between neighbourhoods to increase the robust web of vegetation throughout the region.

Why Hire Professionals Cleaners to do the job?

Bond cleaning is something which every tenant in Melbourne needs to go through. While there are some people who can handle bond cleaning n their own there are several who have no idea regarding cleaning. When moving homes there are several things which need to be taken care of. If you are shifting to a new state you have to plan your move carefully. If you add to it the worries of bond cleaning things can get pretty difficult. This is why it’s essential to hire professionals to the job. The following are a few benefits of hiring end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.

  • They make use of the right cleaning equipment. Certain spills and stains are susceptible only to specific equipment and detergents. If you are no good t cleaning you might cause more damage than clean up the stain. Also they have the right house cleaning equipment which helps get rid of dirt and debris in a matter of minutes. While it may take you days to get rid of all the dirt they can handle all that work in less than a day just owing to the equipment that they possess.
  • The top bond and vacate cleaners in Melbourne have a customised cleaning plan. Since they are experts they have a fairly good idea of where and when to start with the cleaning. They would know which rooms and equipment requires special attention. Also they are aware of the subtleties which the land lord would note and would ensure that their cleaning is according to the requirements of the land lord. This is also one way of ensuring that you get your bond money back.
  • With the kind of training and experience which they have bond cleaning is as hassle free as possible. Once the bond cleaners are done with the home you would be surprised at how good your home really looks. This would also cast a good impression on the land lord and would ensure that you get your bond money back immediately.
  • It is actually cost effective. Though you might think that you would have to pay the cleaners as well, the amount of bond money which you get back is almost equivalent to one month’s rent. That is not less and the bod cleaners would only charge you a fraction of that amount. So be smart and leave the cleaning to the experts while you concentrate on moving homes.
  • Professionals are usually licensed and insured. So if they are cleaning up your home and in case of a mishap you can be assured that they would be paying for the damage on their own. On the other hand if you plan to do the cleaning on your own and you break something you are expected to pay for it from your own pocket?

Besides all the above mentioned benefits of hiring experts you also get to save a great deal of time. Imagine not having to slave around cleaning up stuff and that should be incentive enough to hire professional vacate and bond cleaners.

Best Solar Installers

Tips to Choosing the Best Solar Installers in Sydney

Solar energy is derived from the sun’s radiation and converted to either heat or electricity. It is free and with advances in technology you can maximise its uses. Solar energy is a green energy that does not pollute the environment. It has the least negative energy effect on the environment compared to any other source of energy.

Solar energy does not emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and neither does it pollute water sources. Generating energy from the sun reduces your monthly electricity bill meaning you will pay less utility bills. Therefore you are able to save on your energy bills. Moreover, you can also generate income by selling the extra electricity you have generated.

Solar energy can be generated anywhere even in remote areas where there is no access to electricity. In addition, when using solar energy less electricity is lost due to transportation especially over long distances like the power generation. Here are the tips to choosing the best solar installers in Sydney.

Certified Installers

You should ensure you choose the right solar installer for the installation services. Buying a solar panel is a solid investment that should serve you for long. It is of importance that the solar installer you choose is accredited. If not, you will not receive the benefits of purchases such as  feed in tariff.

A good installer will generally be a member of one of the energy associations in the state. Ensure that when given an installer on sub contract basis, they are also accredited.

Read and Understand the Quotations

When choosing an installer, ensure you understand the quotation. Take for instance quotations from three different installers, compare what is included in them. In some cases installations of solar panels needs some additional work on your roof.

Ensure that in the quotation such information is included or else you may end up paying for more than you expected. You can ask if there is additional work to be done apart from the ones in the quotation.

Beware of Pressure Tactics

Installers who do quality work normally don’t have the pressure tactics to make you buy their products. It is not new if some companies may decide to give you huge discounts so that you make a quick decision on the spot. Be on the look out for such companies. Most of the time such deals become sower in the long term and may cost you a lot in the future.

Consider the Warranty

20 years is usually the number of years most solar panels comes with. If you get a company that is offering a lower warranty then it could be that the panel is of low quality. For the inverters and batteries, the guarantee usually is about 5 to 10 years.

A good solar installer will not only provide warranty for the solar panels but will also provide workmanship warranty usually for a period of 1 year. You can at least be sure of the services they provide.

4 Effective Tips That You Need To Know When Choosing a Home Builder

When planning to have a new house, most people ask for the help of home builders who are the professionals in building and constructing different houses. However, many of them are confused on how they can choose the suitable one for them among of plenty home builders. To help you with that, you should look at the list below and read on so that you will know some effective tips for this decision.
Read the list below so that you will be informed of effective tips that will help you in choosing a home builder.

1. Determine the Needs You Have
As you might not know, home builders come in different categories since that each of them specializes different areas in this field. For this reason, it is important that you should determine all the needs you have first before you choose your home builder. These needs refer to the kind of house that you want your builder to build for you. Furthermore, you should also determine your budget for this project and choose a home builder who qualifies for this amount you have. Also, if you are one of the first – timers in this project, you should look for a home builder who is willing to help you become familiar with it. All in all, a home builder should meet all your needs and preferences.

2. Compare Different Choices
Since that there are many home builders available for you to choose, it is a good idea to take advantage of this huge option. You should compare all of these available home builders and identify who is the best one for you. You can also check the prices and quality of the services that they offer to people. Aside from that, you should also ask their previous clients or customers for you to know how professional they are in doing the job of the home building project. With this, you can expect that choosing the best home builder from a wide selection is not that hard as you think it is. Nonetheless, you also have to be clear to them on what you wish to get and receive from their services.

3. Know The Builder’s Experience

When you choose a home builder, you also have to know his experience in the industry of building houses. After that, you should opt for a home builder who excels regarding this such as one who achieved a great and long experience. You do not have to be afraid of asking what kind of experience they have since that it is your right as a customer. By knowing their experience, you will be able to determine if they are the right one that you can trust and depend on this kind of project.

4. Take Time To Observe The Builder’s Works

Finally, the last tip that you need to know is that you should take some time to see and observe the houses that the home builder had constructed. In this way, you will have the idea of how he does his job and how good is he. You should also check the materials he used if these are high – quality ones and observe the designs and styles. With this, you can now decide if he is the home builder that you want to construct your dream house.
To conclude, these are the effective tips that will surely help you to choose the right and best home builder for you. If you still like to have more information about this topic, you can also search the web.